All our own brand CCE dish wash , glass wash and rinse aid is manufactured in North Wales by our chemical partners Atoma Ltd.

Available in 20, 10 and 5 litres


beerline cleaner


Non tainting cleaner, rapidly removes yeast, protein and residue from dispensing system

Formulated using a concentrated blend of alkali and hypochlorite

Suitable for use through traditional hand pump system or pressurised keg beer lines

Will not damage pipeline or components



glass renovate - Copy

Glass renovator

Low foam detergent, removes protein, yeast, beer residue and bloom

Restores glassware to a clean and highly satisfactory condition

Will also sanitise glassware and machine

Concentrated formulation, very economical



Oven cleaner

Removes baked on grease and carbon

Thickened, foaming formulation clings to vertical surfaces for better cleaning

Suitable for interior of enamelled ovens and surfaces, griddles and cast iron hobs




lemon gel - Copy

Lemon gel

Multi purpose cleaner and deodoriser

Distinctive long lasting citrus fragrance

Removes general soil from all washable surfaces

Ideal for damp mopping or spray cleaning







Highly effective, concentrated, acid based product

Quickly removes lime scale and heavy soiling

For all types of industrial automatic dish and glass washing machines

Safe on stainless steel and a variety of kitchen equipment





Stainless steel cleaner

High performing, alcohol based, ready to use liquid

Removes grease and soil and leaves a streak free finish

For use in all types and grades of stainless steel

Unperfumed, suitable wherever food is prepared or served







Worktop and floor sanitizer

Perfect for cleaning any work surfaces. This product conforms to EN 13697 and contains Benzalkonium Chloride Available in either a handy, easy to handle 1 litre bottle or in a 5 litre container. Kills Bacteria. PASSES EN1276








Washing up liquid

A concentrated liquid suitable for use in soft or hard water. A highly concentrated grease busting washing up liquid. At-o-ma formulations gives a first class performance. A highly efficient Anti Bacterial liquid for use in domestic, catering and industrial establishments. Available in 5 Litre containers. Kills Bacteria.






th - Copy

6 pack blue roll


specifically designed to ensure only one sheet is dispensed at a time preventing overuse while providing hygiene benefits. Available in 1 Ply 300 metre






z-fold -blue

Hand towels

Both centrefeed rolls and Z-fold paper towels are available in blue or white


Hand towels and paper towels are highly efficient hand drying system. Hygienic, low cost in use. Applications include food environments, offices and workshops.100% recycled. These Hand Towels are 1 size 3000 towels-ply. Pack








ppc toilet roll

Tiolet rolls

General everyday toilet rolls

Quality 2 ply pure white mini jumbo toilet rolls with a 2.25" and 3" core








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